Q&A with Moss and Associates 

How to become a “technology first” Project Manager

Andrew Fariñas is a Project Manager at Moss & Associates, with 10+ years as a PM in the construction space. Ben Fritzsche is an Assistant PM at Moss & Associates, with a Master’s in Construction Management. Both of them are well-versed in construction tech – from Excel, PlanGrid, CMiC, BlueBeam Studio, Sharepoint, and more.

Watch our 30-minute Q&A that covers:

  • Decreasing resistance around software adoption
  • Investing in your construction tech stack (and the benefits behind it)
  • Saving 2+ hours a day on closeout moderation

Watch the 30 minute Q&A

About our speakers


Andrew Fariñas
Project Manager – Moss and Associates
At the age of 20, Andrew got his start working in construction for a family friend who was an architect by trade but owned a general contracting company. After 10 years in the field, he was presented with the opportunity to join Moss & Associates as a Project Manager.


Ben Fritzsche
Assistant Project Manager – Moss and Associates
He studied History at the University of Florida, and originally planned on heading to Law school. One of his classmates and current co-workers introduced him to some other program offerings, and he set his sights on a Master’s in Construction Management.


Tony Vlismas
Head of Marketing – Bridgit
Fuelled by a passion for real estate investing and house flipping, Tony is the Head of Marketing at Bridgit, a leader in mobile construction management. He’s a highly experienced marketer having helped startups in ad tech, mobile advertising, native ads, social marketing, and AI.



About Moss and Associates


Moss & Associates is built on a philosophy of mutual respect and has made a commitment to exceed customer expectations. An approach of honesty, positivity, and intelligence has not only resulted in repeat business, but in the creation of recognizable, sustainable, innovative, and award-winning construction ventures.

Moss & Associates has several offices in Florida, and is headquartered in Fort Lauderdale. The company also has offices in Hawai’i, California, Texas. They strive to build genuine, rewarding, and transparent relationships with their clients, subcontractors, suppliers, and surrounding communities.