Q&A with Compass Construction

Cut resource planning prep time by 84%

David Diltz is an Operations Manager at Compass Construction in Seattle. His words to live by are simple: A project is won and lost in the pre-construction process.

That’s why David heavily focuses on contract development, coordinating the front end of a project, and getting a production schedule dialed-in early.

With Bridgit Bench in his corner, David has been able to cut resource planning time across the board – from planning for manpower meetings to reducing the duration of these meetings by 50%.

Watch the 30-minute Q&A to get the:

  • Steps Compass Construction follows for resource planning
  • Behind-the-scenes look at Compass Construction’s construction tech stack
  • Process for cutting meeting prep time from 3 hours to 30 minutes

Watch the 30 minute Q&A

About our speakers


David Diltz
Operations Manager – Compass Construction
Before David Diltz got into construction operations, he was in the military. When he left, he went back to school to finish his Finance degree (and even considered doing his Master’s). He learned that he loves numbers - but didn’t want to make money by selling - and growing up in Texas fuelled his interest in construction industry (it’s almost culturally driven). His love for the industry grew because he realizes the potential of tech integration, and how it contributes to the tangible end product of a construction job. He worked at PCL, then went on to work at Compass.

About Compass Construction


Founded in 1998, Compass has partnered with many of the region’s most successful developers and owners to create sustainable and award-winning projects throughout the Puget Sound.

With over 20 years’ experience specializing in wood-frame apartment buildings and senior living communities, Compass has become an established local general contractor and a recognized leader in the mixed-use/multi-family market segment. Our philosophy is centered on successful project delivery through a client focused, team oriented and transparent approach to construction.